Become a Co-op Member

How to join/get involved

The membership fee is £52 per year.  Our membership year runs from April to March. If you join during the year, you are asked to pay the full membership fee until 31st August and after 1st September the membership fee is a pro rata rate of £4.50 per month. So if you join in September there are 6 months until March, therefore you will pay 6 x £4.50 = £27.  If you join in January you would pay 3 x £4.50 = £13.50.  Members can be workshare members who commit to working on average 4 hours a week for 45 weeks (180 hours a year), and get a bag of veg every week from July to March, or volunteer members who come and work when they have time and take some veg when they have done some work.  In addition all members get a sack of potatoes, some garlic and onions.

We work in the field every Monday and Friday from 10.30 – 5pm (depending on the time of year!) and monthly on Saturday mornings and can arrange to support members coming at other times.

To join, fill in the form here.

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