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Potato Planting

  Thursday was potato planting day on the Community Farm. Graham and Brian from the Ferguson Club brought their tractor and potato planter and lots of members helped plant the

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Tractor Training

  Training on our little grey Fergy Tractor – Paul, Mick and Tony.  

Orchard extension

  Planting another eight apple trees at Gibside Community Farm on 10th March.    

Apple tree planting

on Saturday 3rd December, we planted 24 apple trees on the field. The weather was fairly good, dry and not too cold. Many thanks to all the members and their

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Rachel in purple long-sleeved top and brown trousers bending down and holding strawberry plant in strawberry bed.

Taking care of your strawberries for the winter [video]!

Wondering what to do with your strawberries once they have finished for the season? Rachel is on hand to help.        

Potato Harvesting.

Lifting the spuds on the top field with the help of the Ferguson Club and their vintage potato spinner ( and some members with vintage knees!).

Orchard Planting

We will be planting apple trees in National Tree week Nov 26th to 4th Dec, thanks to receiving a grant from the Tree Council. This will be on the field

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Scary additions at the farm!

  Our scarecrows at the Grow show on Saturday – well done Jane Gifford! Let’s hope they keep the pigeons away!  

Picnic in the walled garden

  Lovely picnic in Gibside Walled Garden for members of Gibside Community Farm (and various children and dogs) to get together.  

A new look for the GCF market stall

The new look GCF Farmer’s Market stall, with banner, table covering, baskets and Howarth’s nifty little stand. Well done all those involved in getting it together. The veg and flowers

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