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GCF Open Day!!!

Come and join us and see what we do! June 23rd 2-4pm in the field, then social 5-7pm in the walled garden.

Tractor Presentation!

Presented as a thank you for all their help especially Brian, Graham and John and many others. From Ian Go Local Grower(who has been helping us), from Go Local and

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Apple Tree Grafting

Last weekend we had a very special opportunity: to learn how to graft apple trees. What an amazing course! We learnt why we should graft rather than grow from pips,

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Tree planting!

We had really 2 good days last friday and saturday planting trees.  On Friday the group from Blyth Star Enterprises came, it was a blizzard to start with, so we

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Progress In Walled Garden

The 3 plots in the walled garden are now nearly all planted up, with beans, brassicas, garlic, onions, peas, potatoes, squash, courgettes, parsnip, lettuce, sweetcorn, tomatoes, and strawberries.  We had

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progress on the field

We have made good progress in getting the field planted up.The garlic planted in November is now looking big and strong. The onions are coming on well and the leeks

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Potato Planting

  Thursday was potato planting day on the Community Farm. Graham and Brian from the Ferguson Club brought their tractor and potato planter and lots of members helped plant the

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Rachel in purple long-sleeved top and brown trousers bending down and holding strawberry plant in strawberry bed.

Taking care of your strawberries for the winter [video]!

Wondering what to do with your strawberries once they have finished for the season? Rachel is on hand to help.