1. Who does the growing?

It is mainly members who do the growing either as workshare or volunteer members.  Workshare members do about 4 hours a week or 180 hours over a year in exchange for a small bag of veg each week. Volunteer members just come and do some gardening when they want to, they get a bag of veg  when they come and do some work.  We are also able to employ contract farmers at busy times of the year.

2. How do I get my share of the crop?

Come and work on the field and you can have a small bag of the veg that is available at the time.  All members get some potatoes, galic and onions, but will have to pick these up from the field or from another member by arrangement.

3. How much is a share of the crop?

The veg bag is enough for a 2 person household.  Most of the time there will be additional veg available (that we plan to sell in Gibside, at farmers markets and wholesale to other veg box schemes).  Therefore members will be able to buy more veg each week if the veg bag is too small for your needs.

4. What if I don’t like all the veg in the veg bag?

There will be a swap box available to put veg you don’t like and swap it with something that you do like.

5.  I am interested in being a workshare, but don’t know much about growing, is this ok?

Absolutely!  Anyone is welcome to come along and learn from the other members.  We will provide support and advice on what to do.  We are all learning as we go along.

6. When can I do the hours as a workshare?

We work on the field  on Fridays and Mondays throughout the year, usually from about 10.30 to 3 or 4 or 5pm (depending on the season and how much there is to do).  We also have monthly sessions on Saturdays. When you sign up to be a workshare we can discuss with you the best time for you to come.

7.  What does a volunteer member mean?

Volunteer members want to support Gibside Community Farm but they don’t want a weekly share of the crop.  They like to help out by growing, selling at farmer’s markets or lots of other things that help to make the co-op work and take a little veg every now and then.

8. How can I suggest new crops to be grown?

If there is a crop or a variety that you would like GCF to grow, contact us via the email or come to a growers group meeting to make your suggestions.  We are very interested in new ideas.

9. How do I know what to do?

When you join, you will be asked to meet a member who will show you the field and discuss with you how you can join in. There is information in the portacabin on the field to show what needs doing and a weekly email describing the tasks ahead.  We also ask members to record what they have done, and how many hours they have contributed so the next member who comes can see what has been done.

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