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Mud, Sweat and Tractors – one to watch

The Story of Agriculture   https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00jzjf8/episodes/guide


Harrowing and preparing beds for planting. Tony tries harrowing for the 1st time. Doesn’t look harrowing, looks fun!

Tractor Presentation!

Presented as a thank you for all their help especially Brian, Graham and John and many others. From Ian Go Local Grower(who has been helping us), from Go Local and

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Early potatoes: Casablanca, Nichola, Charlotte.

Planting the early potatoes with Graham from the NE Ferguson society. Will they really grow up?

Ploughing away…

After all the wet weather some of the market garden plots ploughed at last to ready them for planting. It was an outing for our new plough. One of our

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Garlic, Potatoes and Soil Association Inspection

So much going on in the field today. Buckets of garlic were planted in the black plastic. A whopping 361.7kg potatoes were harvested. If you as a member have not

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Potato Planting

  Thursday was potato planting day on the Community Farm. Graham and Brian from the Ferguson Club brought their tractor and potato planter and lots of members helped plant the

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Tractor Training

  Training on our little grey Fergy Tractor – Paul, Mick and Tony.  

Orchard extension

  Planting another eight apple trees at Gibside Community Farm on 10th March.